About Melanie

Welcome to Lilac & Lily Interiors.  My name is Melanie and I live in Andover, Hampshire with my Husband Peter, my daughter Katie and the hounds oh and a cat.  Quite a collection of paws in this house, but I love it!!!  Nothing like a wagging tail when you get home eh?  I started Lilac & Lily Interiors one afternoon really after trolling the usual sites for home decor bits and bobs.  I love decorating and have spent a lot of hours over the years trying to create the perfect home, which is always work in progress.  I am fortunate and blessed to have a wonderful home provided for me and I pinch myself most days that it is actually mine.  My real passion and love is for flowers, I spent many hours as a little girl making daisy chains and love walking the dogs through meadows of wild flowers.  Anything that flowers is beautiful.  I love flowers and am so very lucky to have a husband that indulges my love for them. Sadly real beautiful flowers eventually fade and pass on to flower heaven. This is where my passion started for everlasting flowers, flowers that remain looking beautiful forever and hey guess what? they need no watering.


I hope you enjoy the wonderful home decor items I have chosen for you and my bespoke floral arrangements that are unique to Lilac & Lily Interiors.


Love Melanie