Time to relax......

Good morning my loves, what a funny old week didn't know my ass from my elbow as my Ma would say.
Trying to juggle overtime to help the guy's out with getting on with my usual business, trying to promote a new business, keeping a large house clean and tidy, walking 6 dog's and doing 11 fitness classes this week oh and 1 gym session!! Round of applause please👏👏
A woman's work is never done right? But ladies we are warriors🤺🤺 and this is what we do.
A bit of a relax today, and time to recharge the old batteries🔋 the girls are both in Wales, lucky devils having fun. I'm off out for dinner because I can😁😁😁

Sorted out some stock yesterday , all looks good. Love the flower bags, they are such a lovely gift for Mother's Day and only a few remaining now, so grab while you can.
Gave a lovely day everyone doing whatever makes you happy
Love Mel 😘
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