Thursday treat!

Gawd what a soggy old day, rain, shine, wind and hail. Needless to say the woofers walk was not very long at all. Pip just looked at me as if I was having a laugh!!!
So.... been persuaded to do a class at the local community hall tonight, whaaat my poor old limbs are a wee bit tired after a great spin session this morning followed by a tough old abs class but a good stretch class in body balance so.... kill or cure right? Will look forward to the dinner out afterwards as my treat at the end. Will let you know how it went tomorrow.
On an exciting note, I saw a beautiful woodpecker in the garden this morning, he likes the peanuts. He was positively gorgeous and we have a lovely team of long tailed tits that are now regular feeders. I love sitting with my binoculars and observing. Little darlings they are.
Anyway, better sort out some gym stuff and get prepared for the worst (bloody hope not)🤣
Have a lovely evening my loves.
Love Mel 😘