The garden - Lockdown Week 7

Hi all, hope you are keeping safe and well?  The garden is coming along nicely this year. The bottom half seems to get very boggy (lack of drainage) so we decided to shape the lawn and add some more gravel to that area so at least the dogs don't come in with muddy paws when they go charging down that end to catch a pigeon!!!  A few hours later and voila!!  

Fence was painted in a grey from B&Q, who were the only place open at the time to get a significant amount to do the whole lot (we overestimated and have about 4 pots left as I thought they were in 5 litre tins and in fact they were 9 litres!)  A couple of stars were added (online now) and painted in Cuprinol White Daisy to add some protection in the rain, they look fab don't they? Perfect against the grey.  I have a few medium ones so I think I might paint them up and add them too.

Well good old Boris done a good speech, yes, we all want to get back to normal (whatever that is) but to be given freedom and then have it snatched right back again after a rise in cases would be more than I can bear, so let's just plod on as we are for now.  On a plus side Starbucks will be opening and I'm sure rapidly followed by Mac's!!!  

Another day of home workouts today,  gosh we had a tough one yesterday for the legs, followed by a run (instigated by Amie)  I am not a runner at all and the mere two miles were as much a s I could do.

At least we have sunshine right? Garden centres will be opening this week, that will be carnage as we all fight over the pansies :)

Have a lovely day everyone.

Love Mel x