The build is coming on so quick!

Happy Saturday everyone.
Up bright and early with the owls 🦉🦉 this morning, very dark when I left, a sure way of knowing that Autumn is here but sunrise wasn't far away so light by the time we got there.
A lot going on this morning with a hunt🏇 on the plains and some huski🐕🛷 sledging going on too. Timed it just right to get back to the car when we did.

Well look at where we are with the build, blooming excellent work this week, all knocked through so we have a much better idea of what space we have created. They are simply awesome. I mentioned to Ed only the night before that it would be good to have spotlights through the old dining area as looked a bit odd with a hanging pendant light (all on it's lonesome, by lunchtime the ceiling was down and the wiring all there, crazy quick. They are so tidy and thoughtful too, nothing is too much trouble.
Relaxing day ahead now to chill with the woofers🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕 They get quite anxious when work is going on so some quality time for them today whilst it's quiet.

Flooring picked up yesterday, thank goodness we can still get the same flooring tiles otherwise it would have been very costly indeed.

Katie off to the footi⚽️ with best pal Jess today so dropped her off to the train🚆station only for her to call just as I put a cuppa☕️ on to say she had forgot the entry cards. So mercy dash to Whitchurch Station to drop them off. Good job she hadn't travelled too far.

That's it might indulge myself with the sex and the city film and have another cuppa☕️with a bicki🍪

Hope you all have a wonderful relaxing weekend, the weather is looking fine too.
Love Mel😘