Not so welcome Storm Ciara!

Gloomy 🌧🌧afternoon isn't it my loves?
Raining cats 🙀 and dogs 🐕 out there. Just sat watching the birds 🕊🐦🐤🦅 have their feed. They are ravenous today already on the second fill up. No more chaps your eating me out of house and home.
Helicopters were out on a mission this morning on the woofers walk. Something fascinating about them.
As you can see our name has changed to Lilac and Lily Interiors, it's s lot easier to spell and remember I thought. Facebook sadly won't let me change the name God only knows why, so pipachio at home has been disabled and replaced by Lilac&Lily. Webpage domain will change soon but either name typed will get you there.
Watch this space for a nice freebie to thank you all for your support. I will make something nice and throw it out there for you to share for a chance of winning.
Hope you all still have your fence panels and roof intact?
Have a wonderful afternoon my lovelies.
Love Mel 😘