Lovely morning for a walk

Morning my lovelies, what a beaut of a morning🌞 Up with the larks again 🐦 dam girl you need to learn to go back to bed with a cuppa ☕️Woofers 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕had a lovely long walk in the countryside, something very tranquil when dawn breaks, just me the hounds and the wildlife, beaut.

Home now, showered🚿 and dressed and treating myself to a bacon butty🥪 with a cuppa☕️, thought it was well deserved after clocking up 13500 steps already this morning!!

Extension well under way, although a slight set back with a 3 week delay on bricks but never mind nobody's fault, still plenty to be getting on with.

Anyway, washing now on the line as builders are not here today which gives me a chance to get it done.

Hope you all have a super duper weekend whatever you are doing? May it be full of love and laughter😍
Love Mel x