Lovely end to a Monday

So the family room, dining and kitchen floors have all been scrubbed.  My knees are  sore and screaming for a relax in a nice hot bath.  Whilst I mop the floor over most days (you have to when you have dogs) we have the laminate flooring with a slight grain to it which means dirt just sits in there.  The only way to get it spotless is to put in a bit of elbow grease every now and then. It does make you feel good when it's finished.  Still have the utility, lounge and hallway to do but they can wait to midweek now.

After a good couple of hours on my knees, I was pretty knackered I can tell you.  Had a soak and felt much better, although my knees look like i have been trolling through the trenches!

Hubs came home with this little box of goodies, anything that comes in a Jo Malone bag is always a delight.  I only mentioned yesterday that they had a new limited edition range, all infused with lavender which is a favourite of mine.  Undecided with what one to choose he bought the whole collection, I know spoilt or what.  The pillow spray is divine!!

Pretty good start to the week I would say, hard work paid off with Jo Malone.

Love Melanie