Lockdown - Week 6

Hey you guy's, well here we are fast approaching week 6 of lockdown. Who would have thought that this year would turn out this way?  I guess I'm in a bit more of a routine now and thank goodness we can now drive to walk the dog's.  I feel that this probably hit me the hardest to be told  I couldn't pop over to the plains to have a long walk in the fresh air with the woofers.  No hardship you may think but when you have 5 it is a mission to walk some without others and do several trips around the streets a day to get them all exercised which then takes you over the exercise allowed. My dog's are very anxious with other dog's so socialising is not the best and becomes very stressful for all involved.

Anyway, it's Sunday and a bit of  a dreary day today unlike the gorgeous day yesterday.  It was my youngest daughter Katie's birthday yesterday which was going to be a lovely celebration this year as last year she was down under in OZ all alone and very tearful.  It was spent with the four of us and we had a lovely time, she was spoilt as usual (I just can't help it), and finished with a few cocktails before bed.

Not much on the agenda today, a nice roast cooked by the Hubs (he's does the best roast) and a relax I guess.  Sunday is the only day I get to have a bit of a lie in and the dog walk is left to others for a change.

Itching to get back to the gym and the classes I know and love so well.  Although, to be fair there are some cracking workouts on You Tube, Natascha Oceane and Madfit are a couple of firm favourites but I miss the social aspect of saying "hello" to people on the way into the classes, you get more of a sense of purpose I think.

So myself and Katie have now finished Season 1 & 2 of Big Little Lies, oh wow what a brilliant series, a massive star line up and a bit brutal to be honest but the cast are fabulous. Definitely recommend it, but give it a least two episodes to get into the characters.

I hope you are all coping ok and have loved ones that are safe and well because that is the main thing right? Let's hope we are now on the downward turn and can mingle soon. Good old Boris, he is doing a grand job under the circumstances and now he is a new Daddy. Congratulations!

Enjoy your day my loves