Just me and 30 tanks!!!!

Good job this morning, two hour walk with the woofers, 6.4 miles and 16500 steps. We are all pooped! Funny episode yesterday as I left the plains, hung a right as usual but sneaked in before the tank didn't want to get stuck behind that. Anyway, then found myself behind another tank and a army land rover which had stopped and were blocking the road. The commander gets out and has a chat with Mr Tank and then tells him and another tank to pull over. He then proceeds towards me for a chat and explains I have just joined their convoy of 30 vehicles!!! Hilarious, he found it highly amusing that my white "lady muck" jeep was part of the team.🤣🤣🤣
Today was less eventful.
Sitting down now with a well earned cuppa before packing up orders.
Chilly willy out there today October has settled in nicely.
Have a fab day
Love Mel😘