Friday the 13th

Hey it's Freaky Friday!!!!
Well it's Friday 13th 🕷🕷 anyway, hope you are all well and have had no disasters.

Just finished adding some more Christmas🎄🎄🎄 bits and bobs to the website. I literally love the new range, they are just too cute.

The ankle is pretty sore today, in fact today is the worst day so far. Limped around on the woofer 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕walk, which as daft as it sounds is better for the ankle than resting. It isn't happy at all after sitting down. Funny old night last night as Pip 🐕 was very restless, in fact she pretty much followed me around all day yesterday. I think she knows I am in pain and likes to be close. Now that is all very well and good but to get me up three times in the night with barking for no evident reason did not go down very well at all, especially as I had to limp down the stairs every time.

Anyway, it's forgotten now and I do love her so couldn't do anything more then give her a cuddle. I'm just a softy at heart.
Glorious day here☀️, I think we have been truly spoilt this week and the weekend is looking pretty fab too.

Time for a nice cuppa ☕️before I tackle the ironing, not quite wine"o"clock, shame.
Have a fabulous weekend all.
Love Mel 😘