Friday comes around so quick

Morning my little crunchies, another beaut of a day☀️☀️ Friday is here already.
Up with the larks🦉🦅 again as the woofers needed an early run before sadly a funeral to say goodbye to the sweetest lady Bella and then work.
With someone's passing it makes you take stock of what's important in life, no amount of money can give you your health so make the most of every minute and hold those you love close to you.
Share the love today 😍
Builders 👨‍🔧 here bright and early, always a mad dash after the dog walk to get dressed and put my face on, don't want to scare them off😆

Time for a quick cuppa☕️and then must get a jiffy on.

Have a lovely day today whatever you are doing, be kind.
Love Mel 😘