Flat out today....

Hey my loves, happy Tuesday. Well why not be happy😁, better than being sad😔
Had a mad moment this morning and decided to do my hardest most awful classes back to back...why not right? Tabata - 30 mins of hell followed by Spinning- 45 mins of hell🤣🤣 was most proud of myself. Finished myself off with a dog walk. Not going to lie the old legs 🦵🦵are mighty tired but felt pretty good afterwards.
Amie not well so knocked her up some whoopie pies to take home, nice lasagne made for tea and prepared the batter for pancakes ahead of this evening, although it is well ahead as just been told pancake🥞 day is next blinking Tuesday!!!!!
Watching the brits tonight as the boi @joshuajungofficial is helping out Mabel.
Anyway enjoy your evening and relax.
Love Mel 😘