Christmas has been cleansed from my home already...

Morning my lovelies, how was your Christmas?
Seems but a distant memory already. Not going to lie but my tree 🎄 is down and had a huge clean through yesterday, I am now cleansed of Christmas and ready to tackle a New Year. Managed two gym classes 🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️yesterday, which was much needed. The scales screamed at me yesterday to get off! I feel slightly less blob ish this morning and extremely achey. It didn't help that letting the cat 😸out in the wee hours in a zombie like state meant I missed the last stair and fell on the floor! It wasn't down to mother's ruin I can assure you.
Now my loves, I have decided pipachio is rather difficult to say and spell so I am having a rethink on a new brand name. Something flower like? Watch this space.
Off to work today, which means less time to eat the mince pies🍮 and clock up the old steps.
Have a wonderful (what day is it?) Oh yea Saturday
Love Mel 😘