Brrrrr cole Monday Walk

Afternoon my loves, gawd what a day. Finished my classes and on a real high, must be the caffeine 😁 Off out for woofer 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕 walk looking at those formidable grey skies on the way praying for dry weather until I get back, not a blinking chance. The heavens opened ⚠️🌧 with the iciest rain I have ever felt. We went in the woods for a bit of shelter, it was like needles being poked in my face. We were soaked through. Still it is January so should be expected. Home in time for the much needed Tesco delivery, all stocked up so if you want to snow feel free.
Had a good sort out of my gym stuff, those items that look great in the drawer but you're not keen on so sold them on Ebay which then goes towards a gymshark order. There's something about new gym gear which makes you want to go all the more so a win win.
Came home to a lovely roast yesterday courtesy of hubs swiftly washed down with prosecco, well it was Sunday 😉
Couldn't resist the gorgeous bunnies, now online. Spring will soon be here I hope.
Have a lovely evening.
Love Mel 😘