All out of sorts this week

Morning my loves, it's been a funny old week this week. Hubs birthday on Thursday so he was at home for the day🤩🤩which is all very well and good but it throws you into a confused state right? I then thought Thursday was Friday and as I was called into work on Friday, I then had no blinkin idea what day it was. I am easily confused, it's my age dears you see. Our poor Poppy 🐴 has been very poorly this week with a sore tummy which is ongoing so we are all very worried about her, Hubs has hurt his back so he is also in a lot of pain and Amie has hurt her hip, gosh we are all falling apart this week. Just makes you realise how fragile our bodies are, we need to look after them.

Finally got my lettering on my tiles to finish off the bathroom wall, can't have Ted Baker tiles without it right?

So the website is looking pretty good and I will crack on with some beautiful floral arrangements 💐🌾🌿🌿next week and load them on. I am really excited to show you my creations and how you can use a touch of the artificial, which I may add, look so realistic you would never know. The builders are in on Tuesday, Ed and the team 👨‍🔧👨‍🌾woo hoo!!! Now let me tell you, we have been here before and oh the mess but as it's not a kitchen refurb this time we should have all facilities. I will show you the step by step stages so you can all see the magic unfold. All this because my 7ft Christmas tree doesn't fit in the lounge 😂😂🎄🎄
I know I just said the "C" word, ooooh already getting excited especially as my little girl is here this year with us,(Katie is actually 25 but they're always your little girls) it's going to be the Christmas to beat all Christmas's.
Anyway I waffle on..... Have an amazing Bank Holiday weekend. I was lucky enough to book it off so I am going to enjoy some family time.
Have fun and treasure your time with those that you love❤️
Love Mel 😘😘