A nice week so far

Top of the morning to you all!
What a lovely week it's been, no particular reason why but just happy and glad to be alive is reason enough right?
My friend Julia and myself indulged ourselves with a chilled afternoon watching maleficent, oh I do love that film and Julia hadn't seen it. We got through two packets of jaffa cakes and I don't feel guilty one little bit.
I thought I would try out a lemon gin cake recipe 🍰 yesterday so I could take them something yummy into work today. Sadly it wasn't a good recipe, the sponge literally tasted like a bath sponge and the gin made it taste very bitter, so sorry guys and gals will have to pop into Gregg's!!!!

Had a busy week creating some floral arrangements, thank you for your kind comments. It's nice to know people like them as what I think looks good may not be what everyone else thinks.

Bad night with the woofers, mainly down to the dreaded fireworks going off still. It's about time we addressed this issue I think. What do you all think about it?

Anyway work beckons so I must get dressed and put the war paint on 😁😁
Have a super duper Saturday.
Love Mel 😘