A dreary start to the day, but onwards and upwards!

Tuesday afternoon nearly over, where does the time go? Managed to get my sweet ass off the couch 🛋 today and get up and out early with the woofers 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕. Very muddy on the plains and the white woof mobile is a lovely shade of chocolate right now. So in order to avoid the army land rover (in case they dictate to me where I can and cannot walk) I skidaddled around to the next wood whereby just as I was about to release the hounds I noticed two tanks, motors running about to embark on their "I dunno whatever they do" mission! Quick boot down and off we go to another spot, well whilst my vehicle is big, I didn't rate my chances up against a tank.
We managed about 45 mins but were so wet💦💦🐕 we decided homeward bound was a good idea.

Did another session of zumba toning💃 nothing like the emoji, more like making a fool of yourself with the added embarrassment of weights that get so heavy you think your arms are going to just fall off. But... do you know what? I love it if only I could move like Sinead!
Luncheon with pops was cancelled last minute, think him and ma had shared cross words and he wasn't allowed out to play 🤨 another time darling dad.
Fire is now lit and just having a cuppa with the woofers and chilling. Feeling a lot better today. Two curries cooking slowly, one beef massaman for me and Amie and one vegan (had to look a recipe up) for our Katie. Looking forward to curry and Love Actually with the girls later whilst hubs out at white hart lane watching #Spurs.
Hope you have all had a lovely day and try and chill this evening my loves.
Love Mel 😘